How to get Free diamonds and Battlepoints

I'm Diamond IV, I'm pretty good and I trust myself. And yet as soon as someone flames me I tend to play less well, miss my skillshots, make bad decisions because I am influenced by what my mate said. There are many people like me who see their performances diminished by flame or reproaches. I do not see any reason to want to make your teammates less strong, if not for intentionally feeding. You should never blame anyone during the game, and if you have things to say, wait for the end screen or destruction of the Nexus.
Towards trolls and other flamers, you should never get into their game. You will have to try more to submit to them. I'm talking about submission. Does it crack your heart? To me too but I arrived Diamond and they are always Bronze. It made me a nice leg to have had to play supp during 5 games being firstpick if I could reach the level where I am currently using mobile legends free battlepoints
Try to always brush your teammates in the direction of the hair (and even more your supp / adc for the botlane.) It is useless to enter into conflict with those on whom you will count in the next 30 minutes. the "me mid", "i no supp" and consorts. You want to progress, you play everything and you adapt to your team.
One last very pertinent point concerning psychology is the use of the ping "Retraite" against the use of the ping "Danger". It is quite simple: "Retreat" is an order while "Danger" is an information. Always use the danger ping rather than the fallback ping in case you want to signal an ally to retreat. 


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You will never learn as much as playing with your friend / friend. You can only pretend to low Platinum without experience of the game to several (except exceptions or other team game experience). This forges your Solo / Duo Q reflexes far more than any number of games alone. Playing with other players opens up new builds, new techniques, new setups, new metas, new moves and timing, team reflexes, extra communication and lots more. 
Try to find yourself a constant group of players and play with them regularly. You will see results much faster than any other workout. 


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If you only do Bronze Rankings or are afraid to play against better players for fear of "stomp", you have it all wrong. You must practice against better players as often as possible: you will not learn anything from an overwhelming victory, you will learn a lot from a tight victory and a lot of defeat if you use mobile legends bang bang hack
If you are stuck in bronze / silver for a long time, the level in normal being separated from the level in Ranked, you can potentially fall on better players. Same for the Normal Q Draft Mode where you often have a higher level than the Blind Mode, and this has the advantage of training you in the Ban / Pick phase of the game which is very important if you use the best mobile legends hack cheats



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